Inspection Measurement Company (IMC) originated as Inspection Control Company (ICC) in 1954. ICC was located in Lake City, Michigan and manufactured chrome plated gage blocks. ICC moved operations in 1984 to Grand Rapids, Michigan and expanded in 1990 as a distributor for various lines of precision measuring equipment. ICC was renamed to IMC in 1992 following the sale of the manufacturing division while maintaining laboratory and on-site calibration operations.

Successful development of calibration services allowed IMC to be granted A2LA Accreditation in 1998. IMC laboratory calibration services have been utilized by businesses throughout the United States. In addition IMC offers on-site calibration services for businesses in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

IMC continues to successfully provide quality sales and services of precision measuring equipment for businesses throughout the United States.

Drop Off/ Pick-up Times:

Monday – Thursday:  8AM-11:45AM and 1PM-4PM

Friday:  8am-11:45AM and 1PM-3PM